About Us

                Hello Gardeners! I'm Krishnakumar and i'm an engineer. When my mother(Heenaben) was young she was very fond of flower plants. My mother told my grandfather(Amratbhai) that we should make a garden in our house. My grandfather was a teacher then he left his job as a teacher and started flower plants nursery business with Amar farm name in 1985. He used to grow all kinds of flower plant, indoor plant, outdoor plant etc in it and employed men from the surrounding villages to teach them to grow plants and now days many people from nearby villages are doing nursery business by growing flower plants.

                 My mom and dad(Ashokbhai) were also doing nursery business with my grandfather then in 2000 my mom and dad started a nursery business named Krishna Farm And Nursery 

                In 2013 my brother(Vickey) started a nursery business named DadajiFarm as Amratbhai was our grandfather(Dadaji).

                After my graduation i got the idea of running this nursery business online so me and my brother started this business called DadajiFarm for online sale across all over india.

                On the online platform of DadajiFarm you will find many varieties and good quality  plants at affordable prices. Our plan is to provide all types of plant to people across india and Grow Happiness in House.


About Dadaji Farm

At Dadaji Farm, our roots run deep, just like the lush green fields that surround us. Nestled in the heart of the countryside, we are a family-owned and operated farm with a rich history that spans generations.

We grow a wide variety of seasonal produce, all carefully nurtured with love, care, and expertise. Whether you're looking for the freshest tomatoes for your salads or the juiciest apples for your pies, Dadaji Farm has you covered.

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